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Until I started Blogging seriously (I have 3 commercial Blogs, which I write to every week, one of them being this one) I really only had the vaguest of ideas about what a Blog was, why people Blog at all, how one would go about Blogging, and some surprising possibilities that are available to a Blogger including causing one’s Blog to earn revenue!.

So rather ironically this Blog post has been written as a – ‘how to blog’ tutorial.

My hope is that anyone with an interest in Blogging, for whatever purpose, can understand the basics and from there be given access to the most amazing platform on the planet for supporting serious Bloggers.

I hope that this information will not only be useful, but will also inspire some people to dip their toe in the water and test their own creative potential by Blogging for whatever reason they might choose to do so because there is a seemingly endless appetite in the ether for good content on any and every subject imaginable.

There is a bonus opportunity available here in this post today, and that is to make your Blog pay, should anyone have the interest in taking it that far.


What is a Blog

If you are looking for the accepted definition of a Blog and or a Blogger and Blogging, you will find it described in exquisite details at this link to Wikipedia Blogging.

But the short and easy to understand version is that a Blog is rather what I am doing now. Writing internet or website content to variously, inform, educate, influence, entertain or amuse a target audience.

Why Blog

My 21 year old daughter writes a Blog and has done so as a method of achieving some personal spiritual and emotional release following the untimely and tragic passing of her mother to whom she was very close indeed. The things that she writes, she shares, as both a personal cathartic process but also with the intention of potentially helping young people, who may be experiencing some feelings and experiences that she herself has journeyed through over time.

I tell you this story to illustrate that there are many and varied reasons to write a Blog, not all of them about making money. In fact, I have attempted to persuade my daughter to monetise her own Blog but she is not motivated in that direction currently.

How To Blog – The Tutorial


A niche is the subject area that you write about. There are some rules to apply in selecting a niche. Many people spend a long time waiting to decide on what is just the right thing to choose to write about. However, it is my strongest advice not to waste too much time and energy doing that if you are here to learn how to blog and make money. If the latter is your purpose then you really need to get started as soon as you can, because you have a lot of writing to do with quantity and regular posting forming a key component of a successful revenue generating avenue.

The Basic Rules

Aim to choose one or more subjects that interest you.

It pays to choose something that you can write about from a range of different angles.

Always be aware that you are writing for your audience first and yourself only after that, If your true purpose is to make money then you have to be interested enough to write but not so self-indulgent that you lose sight of your target audience.


On some blank paper write the 10 subjects, that occur most quickly to your mind. These, ideally, are subjects in which you are naturally interested, or which you are keen to learn about.

Place the piece of paper face down, do something else leaving your list alone for about an hour.

When you come back, with a highlighter, turn over the paper and mark the 3 subjects in which you are most interested.

Now transfer the top 3, each to a separate piece of paper and under each, list 10 Blog post titles that you believe you could write about straight away.

Whichever list you can fill out most quickly is probably the niche you will wish get started on . You then have the other niche subjects, and their associated post titles, as ‘hot standby’ for other websites, or they could replace the one you start with if it does not gather the momentum you wished for.

Test the 10 initial titles by putting them into Google and search and see what you come up with.

You are checking to ascertain that this Is material that is being searched for.

You then adapt or alter your post titles to Search Engine Optimise (SEO) them applying keywords that are being searched for in Google, Yahoo and Bing. If your decision is to pursue Blogging for money, then I can point you to where you can be taught, very quickly, the principles of SEO and keyword rich content.

Having selected a niche subject and decided on some posts to write about now its about publishing the website and driving traffic to the Blog.

Website Setup

My daughter’s Blog, referred to earlier, is hosted on a site hosting countless other Blogs. These hobby or noncommercial Bloggers provide free content to a commercial platform in return for free hosting. The host platform takes advantage of this free content to monetise their platform by carrying adverts and click through elements for readers to make online purchases of products and services.

When the Blogger owns the website with SEO keyword rich content, then they can benefit from their own content. Partnerships can be set up with affiliates who will pay commissions for products and services bought through Bloggers owned websites.

Maintaining A Healthy Blog

Blogs, to be commercially successful, require regular publication of new SEO keyword rich content. An article written once may well be effective at earning revenue for some years afterwards. But a single article has a limited possibly, finite, audience.

Ideally, in order to maintain Blog health and earn money new articles of between 1500-2000 words, must be published 2-3 time a week. Neglected, the site will drop off the rankings with the 3 most influential search engines, traffic will dwindle and the Blog will not attract customers.

It will also be necessary to check regularly that content is current and relevant, perhaps requiring subtle rewrites of part, or all of a post.

Possibilities of a Blog

You could look at other posts on this site. For instance, I have written a post on here about supplementing retirees income.  You can find this at Baby Boomers. If you wanted to get an idea of a different approach, utilising exactly the same platform, but following a completely different subject area, I also write a Blog on the Paleo Lifestyle, where I am linked to Amazon for the promotion of publications, which support the information that I write about. You are more than welcome to look at as this as well at

Want to Blog?

There is a great opportunity available to you right now, through this Blog post, WAwhich, if you are interested in pursuing it, will fast track your entry into the realms of professional Blogging. This is with no promise of fast riches, but with a guarantee that you will be taught to establish the solid and dependable foundations of a professional, commercial Blogging business, on a first class, growing, training, hosting and support platform called Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate will:

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I hope that this has been of interest and that you will consider Blogging.

I am happy to answer any questions or respond to any comments that you wish to make in the space below this article.


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    • Thanks for visiting my friend I hope that some of this information has been useful for you in getting to grips with some of those issues, good luck


  4. I like this sentence, “Writing internet or website content to variously, inform, educate, influence, entertain or amuse a target audience.” it is very clear and easy to understand in such a short sentence.” , Your article covers the 5 W 1 H, the What, the Why, the How, the Where, the When and the Where. The unique part is the reader also has chance to click your link to your other website.  I wish you all the success in blogging Hamish. 


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