COVID 19 The Deadly Boomer Remover

A serious subject for serious times. We are facing a situation the likes of which is unprecedented in the history of our species. Our very existence may be threatened by the Boomer Remover….

Cruel Meme

Boomer Remover is a particularly cruel meme doing the rounds on the internet currently. I personally do not subscribe to the underlying debate that is a confrontation between the Boomer and millennial generation. Though I do chuckle, mostly because, bless them, they are certain to be as old as we are one day, and there will be a generation behind them, who will think the same of them, as they evidently do of us

The Facts

We Boomers (I am one) are facing a potentially significant problem. We have been fortunate to exist in a time, where as older adults we have enjoyed better nutrition, better health care, better housing and in fact all round better living conditions We do not think old, in fact for some of us we are even thinking that we are verging on the same invincibility that most of us would have experienced in our twenties The truth is that many of us are significantly healthier than our own parents were at a similair age and that lulls us in top a very false sense of security.

Boomer RemoverThe truth is that we Boomers tend not to think of ourselves in the guise of “older adults.” We are failing to understand that although we might feel Invincible the fact is that the evidence and statistics would suggest that we are the most at risk group facing the threat of the COVID19 Boomer Remover pandemic.

This pandemic Is now accounting for, according to today’s figures, just short of 15,000 deaths worldwide. The US Centre for Disease and Control (CDC) website advises that COVID is a higher fatality risk for older adults or for people with preexisting conditions. (CDC define older adult as anyone over 65.)

What we must realise is that this really has nothing to do with our conflicted COVID Attackfeelings about growing older. It is about a global pandemic, a virus that is significantly lethal in excess of the effects of seasonal flu. COVID has now forced the closure of the largest developed economies in the world. We Boomers most certainly do not enjoy being told that we are old, Most of us I understand really don’t feel old. But the cold hard facts are that COVID just does not care how old each of us feel; if we drop our guard the Boomer Remover is coming for us.

How To Protect

The fact that we are living for longer and enjoy a considerably better quality of life than the two generations before us is good for all. You may have failed to notice that we Boomers are still very much at the helm, in most of the top developed nations in the world today; a testament to longevity.

False mirrorIt is our feelings of invincibility however that could so easily be our own downfall. We are actually anything but invincible. Just because we look, and some of us may feel, like 30 Will not alter our odds or risk in the context of COVID19 survival. For Anyone over 60, the death rate statistics recorded to date, suggest 3.45% will die. To put that into some perspective, that is the equivalent of 34 times the death rate for seasonal flu. For those over 80 this rises dramatically to somewhere over 145. Everyone needs to respect and protect against the, Boomer Remover, COVID-19 before it’s too late.

It has been suggested that the insanity of the moment is that, until very recently, the three presidential candidates, who are all Boomers and all over 70, Have been spending their days touching, hugging and shaking hands with people, against a backdrop of huge rallies, attended by vast numbers of people, potentially and unwittingly, engaging in community transmission of a killer virus.

Quite simply there is one major action to take to protect us all, but particularly those at most risk, and that is we need to cut down the spread of community transmission and infection. This means isolation

Trump CovidSanity seemed to have returned momentarily when, in only the second Oval Office address since Trump was elected president, he appeared to be getting serious at last when he said, “The highest risk is for our elderly population with underlying health conditions. The elderly population must be very, very careful. In particular, we are strongly advising that nursing homes for the elderly suspend all medically unnecessary visits.”

However now, possibly the most powerful Boomer in the world, is talking about potentially taking the choke hold off, what could well become the COVID Boomer Remover, taking it from Millennial meme to gruesome and tragic reality in one fell swoop!

PRESIDENT TRUMP IS WRONG! There can be no quick move back to normality because to do so risks a second and potentially more deadly wave of this virus and that risks the lives of Boomers and Millennial and we should combine with one voice to advise Mr Trump of that

What To Do

I suggest that we might do two things to beat the Boomer Remover:

  • Follow all the precautions that you can in regard to protecting yourselves from this virus.
    • Avoid contact with anybody for the next month, be at least two metres apart unless you are isolating with your family in a controlled lock down situation.
    • Follow all the advice of the public health administration in the jurisdiction where you live.
  • Get online to your political representatives and local officials and lobby for good sense and keep the choke hold on this virus. Trump listens when the people at large speak.

Window of Opportunity

Window of opportunityWe have a slim window of opportunity to strangle the supply chain of this Boomer Remover virus. if it cannot infect others it cannot survive. It’s supply chain is susceptible hosts, it could be you; deny it access to those hosts deny it access to you.

The economy will revive but dead people will not recover. Let’s beat it together and let’s become a better world on the other side of this event.

Feedback and Comments

I am always happy to receive any and all feedback or commentary on my posts. I guarantee to reply to comments within one working day.

I hope, that you have found this post of some use and that I have hit the mark that I was aiming for when I set out to write it; you my readers, I think, are easily the best judges of that!

Be healthy and stay safe and stay home and avoid the Boomer Remover!


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