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Best Encore Careers Baby Boomers

RetirementMany of us are retired or are retiring now, but Baby boomers, are hard to keep down and we are also looking at starting second, or as is often called these days ‘encore careers’ to find new and novel ways of working on our own terms.

With the well documented increase in our survival into, and beyond traditional retirement ages, sometimes meaning 20 to 30 years of useful potential contribution to be made, more and more of us seek meaning and have strong interest in giving back to our society. Jim Craft, professor of business administration at the University of Pittsburgh’s Katz Graduate School of Business. Has said that “…..encore careers can be sources of income for older persons; while it’s helpful, financial outcome is not the key reason for participation……..”Encore Careers

Craft also suggest that many of these encore careers are being established in education, not for profit, healthcare and other charitable based organisations. Boomers he tells are as seeking to “…..self-actualize to make meaningful contributions…….”

If you are a Boomer, like myself, who is not ready yet to retire to the armchair, with the TV remote, and Netflix yourself to death, then perhaps you might consider if there is anything in these 5 areas of ‘encore career’ choices that may suit you….


You may have assimilated some really valuable skills, experience and expertise Consultantover a long career that you could package for others in the form of your own consultancy practice. If recently retired, you are very likely to have a highly
valuable business network that you could constructively exploit as an independent, self-employed consultant. This has the distinct advantage of providing a potential flexible time commitment along with an opportunity to choose your clientele and respond to only those briefs that might interest or excite you.

Most professional Boomers will have faced and overcome a wide range of challenges that other people will in their turn be facing. This is a potential client base eager to find solutions and you may have those solutions or may be able to lead them to find them for themselves. Consultancy is a discipline that can be applied to practically any occupation or career specialisation.

Not For Profit

Baby boomers are altruists at heart, something that has set our generation apart,Non Profit and tailor made us as ideal candidates to get involved in the not for profit sector, while still feeling useful and productive. Although many of these positions are paid, albeit sometimes modestly, many of them are purely volunteer, or stipend or expenses based employment; for many boomers the money is less relevant than the intellectual engagement and social interaction that these opportunities bring.

Teaching And Instructing

Many of us have skills and knowledge that can be passed on to others either in traditional teaching establishments, in community colleges in private skills Boomer Teacherproviders training schools or by distance online. A lot of practical skill based trade schools seek practical instructors who can bring real-life work experience to give context when applied in the teaching environment. Community colleges are excellent targets to seek teaching positions, with many offering fast-track teaching license programmes for applicants who already hold bachelor’s degrees or recognised certificated or diploma level trade qualifications.

Franchise Opportunities

Many boomers after careers working for ‘a boss’ choose to seek self employment opportunities giving consideration to purchasing a franchise is one way of doingFranchise this. Franchises are available in such a wide range of occupational areas today that finding a fit to meet potential franchisee requirements is getting easier and easier. It could be that we have an interest in being ‘on the tools’ or just involved managing at distance. This is a relatively easy, though can be expensive, way of becoming a new entrepreneur without having to invent the idea, identify the market and develop the brand.

New Ways Of Working

Nancy Collamer, author of ‘Second Act Careers: 50 Plus Ways to Profit From Your Passions During Semi Retirement’, talks about the new and emerging ways of working that didn’t even exist 50 years ago and that many Boomers are becoming involved in increasing numbers. These are driven by digitisation of our world and the market place and make it possible for anyone with a laptop or a PC and an internet connection to have access to the 7.4Bn potential customers globally who are seeking products and services and who are doing so increasingly online.

NWOWInternet sales, self-publication of e books, teaching via webinar or podcast are all viable and available marketing and potential earning opportunities options now being pursued by Boomers.

Many jobs that we have seen as worthwhile and attractive in our twenties were have become obsolete at best and disappeared altogether at worst. Meanwhile, new exciting and dynamic opportunities have sprung up to take their place and continue daily to do so these include today things like, virtual assistants, application designers, social media consultants, and what I am doing here commercial bloggers. Added to this, most, if not all, of these opportunities can be pursued from home on a flexible schedule and making the work-life balance so much more of a reality.

Personal Experience

I am 61 years old as I write this article, and I am in full time salaried employment, but I had decided some time ago, that when my current employment contract comes up for review, in May 21, that I would not seek a job working for someone else, in my last decade of employment. Instead, I determined to repackage my abundant transferable skills, experience, and expertise and apply them In an entirely new venture where I would be my own boss and run my own schedule to suit my redesigned life.Personal Experience

To that end I have been developing four, quite separate and independent, very flexible, income streams. One of these is already established and passive in nature. Two are well-developed, and on track to achieve the target date, one of these involving consultancy, and the fourth is what I am now As I write this piece for what is one of 3 establishing commercial Blogs.

I am hugely excited about this next phase of life and about the different direction that it takes me while still allowing me to utilise my extensive experience, skill sets and expertise.

You could follow me if you choose in one or more of these choices……

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4 thoughts on “Best Encore Careers Baby Boomers”

  1. Ok, I am definitely in the Baby Boomer bracket. I have already retired twice and still wanting to do more. Volunteer jobs can be rewarding, but I am simply not into that. Over the years I have worked in mostly marketing and sales and would like to continue with some sort of career that makes the most of my past experience. Tried Consulting, that unfortunately, that has not gotten any traction. I even have done a little bit of teaching and mentoring. 

    I really like the idea of being my own boss, but very wary of anything that is asking for big cash layout such as a franchise. When say free trial – that intrigues me. What could I expect from the free trial?

  2. Oh, what a wonderful article you have here. I really like to see the baby boomers as a very productive set of adults. Also, I consider them the custodians because basically, they are the ones who put a kind of balance in our lives right now and also use the experience to guide us right to the good path. In a survey I made about two years ago, I was able to gather that people who are around their sixties are more likely to get in a nonprofit organisation and this really validates your point about that career that baby boomers go into. Also, it is very normal to see baby boomers as teachers who love to share their experiences. As a matter of fact, my mentor is a baby boomer. Than you for also giving us light to your personal experience. 


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