Baby Boomer Business Opportunities

Baby Boomer Business Opportunities

At outset let me be clear that what I will discuss here is working from home in the baby boomer business opportunities to be explored.

The reasons for this is are that my assumptions are that anyone in the Boomer category looking for a business opportunity is interested in low investment, high return, few if any overheads (hence no bricks and mortar ball and chain) and the ability to have flexibility over time control in order to maintain a good work life balance.

Most of my articles and posts are written from the point of view of personal experience, being a Boomer myself, and therefore hopefully able to identify with the needs and thought processes of those who find themselves where I am at my time of life and inclination.

I hope that you will find the information contained in this article useful and if you do or even if you don’t you find time to enter a comment or initiate a discussion in the space below this post.

So baby boomer business opportunities……

Why Are You Looking

There are many reasons that a Boomer might be looking for extra income and some are explored in this post Retirement On a Budget and in this one Retirement Savings, and if you have some time it might be worth having a read of the as well as this article.

But in essence here are some many reasons that a Boomer may wish to pursue owning a business of their own

  • Just always wanted to and now is the timeWhy Look
  • Enhance retirement savings before or after the fact
  • Intellectual challenge and engagement
  • Time on hand, want to try something different
  • Wish to take early retirement
  • Have some ideas which can now be tested or put into practice
  • Want to learn new skills and broaden knowledge

There are many more but regardless of the motivation money may be tight and risky ventures involving upfront large cash amounts may not be possible.

In my experience where Boomers are seeking to get involved in business at this time of our lives (the oldest of us is around 74-75 and the youngest 56-57) we are looking for particular attributes in a ‘startup’ business.

Key Business Attributes

Low Stress

At this stage of life many of us will have had a working career already, reaching varying degrees of success or achievement. This career may have been as a high-flying business executive or specialist professional with a high salary and heavy responsibility load.

At the other end of the scale it may have been a trade or artisan career, requiring much hard physical work, leading to the cumulative wear and tear of our, not so young anymore, bodies.

So the last thing I guess that most people coming from either of those scenarios will be looking for is high stress.

Low InvestmentBaby Boomer Business Opportunties

Similarly as we approach retirement the last thing that I imagine anyone wants to do is risk their savings or pension payments on a business venture relatively late in the day.

Support and Training

unless we are going to do something that we know a lot about and of course that is a possibility then we need to know that we are going to be able to access good training and advice and support as we build out our business venture.

Proven Track Record

It would be useful to know that others have been able to make a successful go of whatever venture we decide to embark upon but at the same time know that we are not entering a flooded market and that there is sufficient opportunity for us to take advantage of should we wish to take that path.

Ability to Preview – Due Diligence

Perhaps we are the kind of person who really needs to see some detail and get a hands on opportunity before committing to anything medium to long term.


As we advance in years we are looking for more not less flexibility of time and movement, Typically we want to travel and enjoy the fruits of our years of labour at home or abroad but still be able to guarantee a safe income of some kind.

All of These Things and More

Strong Possibility

I could now go on to talk about a half dozen options, that might fit the bill as far as the above characteristics are concerned.

But there are two types of activity, both available on the same support platform that I think are hard to beat in meeting all the above expectations and more.

Affiliate Marketing

You may not have heard of affiliate marketing before. It is basically performance based marketing, in which businesses pay commissions to partnered affiliates, for customer visits to those businesses’ online vendor outlets, which have been brought about by the personal efforts of the partnered affiliates.Affiliate Marketing

This brings choices for goods and services, into the digital orbit of customers by promotion, through home computers, laptops tablets or mobile devices.

In this way somewhere between 2 and 4 Billion digital customers are given access to well over 300 million products and services 24 hours a day 7 days a week

The value and viability as a market, as well as a business occupation, has been validated thoroughly in the recent COVID19 Pandemic.

Digital commerce, of every kind has been able to not only sustain, but has also flourished, despite the unfortunate effect seen in our high streets, malls, and on traditional bricks and mortar based enterprises, some of which have sadly ceased trading completely.

Affiliate Marketing as a Blogger

If you have an interest in any subject or passion, enough to write about it on a regular continuing basis (2-3 times weekly)

There is no need to be an elegant or inspiring writer, The only requirement is to engage and inform providing written material that people are looking for delivered electronically on your own website that you can build with the help of an excellent platform service.Blogging

As long as this basic writing skill is there then I can direct you today to possibly the best training and support platform available that can teach and guide even the most non-technically aware or proficient souls through a process of commercialising Your writing.

Yes, I am saying that not only can you can get paid just for writing but that you can have fun doing it as your own boss but not on your own!

There are Many combinations of methods for commercialisation, by the provision of information to people who are looking for your subject matter on a daily basis.

You can even build a paying business, knowing little at the start about the ‘niche’ you might choose, but that you might be interested in learning about.

It is possible to learn and teach at the same time. The possibilities are almost endless in what you can do to build a successful business, through the mediums of Blogging and affiliate marketing.

Always wanted to write a book but didn’t know how, why not serialise it on a Blog learning as you go and make money at the same time, anything is possible!

Ready to Unlock Your Potential?

Do you have enough information to go to the next stage and receive a fuller explanation of what is involved and how to go about it.

If you are I can offer you an absolutely FREE trial today. Yes FREE.

Wealthy affiliate requires no credit card, or payment information, of any kind from you to get started. This will put you in a position to build a website, and launch it at a speed, that  you probably would not imagine possible.andUnlock PotentialUnlock Potential

You could be blogging within 24-48 hours, depending on how quickly you work through the excellent FREE training available.

If you like what you see and you decide to unlock the whole package within the first 7 days I can also offer you the first month subscription for only $19 instead of the usual $49.

There are no hidden up-sells with wealthy affiliate. Paid subscriptions are monthly or annual but both offer exactly the same services. The only difference between the subscription packages is that annual subscription attracts a significant discount over monthly in recognition of the commitment.

You will find all of these details at Wealthy Affiliate. I recommend that in order to make an informed decision that you do yourself the essential favour, of taking a look and registering for the FREE trial. Have a really good look around the Wealthy Affiliates platform and nite at with the very willing and helpful community.

Many people are so impressed with what they find, that they convert to a paid subscription in their first couple of days. I was so impressed that I converted in the first hour and here I am writing to you now, going from strength to strength.

Are you ready to try? What do you have to lose? I can promise that you will not be disappointed.


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