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Average Baby Boomer Retirement Savings

Retirement savings are a real tricky subject for many, depending on what you want to do, and how you might want to live in retirement.Savings Jigsaw

For some, who have thought well ahead and made good provision, there is little to worry about. For others who may not have had the ability to channel discretionary funding to retirement savings for whatever reasons, retirement can be a frightening, daunting and in extremes even depressing prospect. It doesn’t have to be; it is possible to take control now, matter how near you are even if you are already retired.

For some happiness in retirement is not a money issue it is a fulfillment and mental challenge issue. Many people are forced into retirement before their minds are ready to cease challenge and creative activity.

I am happy to say that for those who are interested there is a solution to both of these potentially concerning issues in these pages.

How Much is Needed?

Given that I live in New Zealand I can tell you that the average amount money needed in the bank to live a comfortable modest lifestyle retiring at 65 is NZ$750,000.

In the US in order to enjoy a US$ 65,000 annual income you need to have US$1.2 million banked at 65.

In The UK figures quoted to achieve an annual income 42,000 pounds sterling per year are 600,000 pounds sterling invested at age 65. 

Of course these figures are generalisations and while they will give a very rough idea, of course everyone’s situation, commitments, expectations are different.

These figures are aimed at a very modest living standard but for some readers they may be a surprise. Sadly for some readers they may even be unobtainable, though there is a potential solution depending on what effort and commitment of time you might be willing to make.

Do you Have Enough?

Only you will know the answer to this question. What I strongly recommend is that you do some research for you own country or part of the world to ascertain what the general expectation is for retirement contingency funding and you work out if you are going to be able to live in the level of comfort that you expect. If not then I suggest that you come back to this post and take a look at the recommendation I make for you later in this post.

This recommendation is available to ‘test drive’ for absolutely FREE no payment or credit card details are required to register and get started. If you are serious and you want to take it to the next stage there are three premium subscription options that can work out to as little as $1 a day. The only other thing you need is time and commitment.

If you know the answer already and you know that you have a gap to close then read on for the option to go straight away to get started on the FRE trial.

Can You Improve The Situation?

There are always options to improve you situation. Sometimes these options involve risk and significant upfront expense but that is not always the case.

I believe that what is offered in my recommendation below is the best, least risky, most affordable, most effective option available to anyone who is serious about closing that retirement funding gap.

What is the worst that could happen; register an account take the first steps in the FREE opportunity and decide that it is not for you. All that you have expended is some of you time to carry out some due diligence and reassure you self or otherwise that this can work for you.

Retirement SavingsThe best that can happen is that you build out a business over the next 6-12 months that provides you passive income, an interesting and stimulating mental challenge and unlocks you creative and earning potential in a way that you may never have thought possible.

Need a Recommendation?

As luck would have it, I can make a suggestion that anyone reading this should really take the time to look at.

All that is needed is to be interested enough in any subject or passion, enough to write about it on a regular basis (2-3 times a week)

It is not necessary to be an elegant or inspiring writer, all that is required is the basic skill of engaging and informing, via the written word, delivered electronically.

As long as this basic skill is there then I can point you to an excellent training and support platform that will teach and guide even the most non-technical student through the process of commercialising that written word.

Yes you can get paid just for writing! Even better there are any number of combinations of methods of achieving commercialisation through providing information to people who are looking for that information on a daily basis It is even possible to build a paying business if you know little about you chosen subject but you are interested in learning about it because you can both learn and teach and inform at the same time. In short the possibilities are endless.

This system is called Affiliate Marketing, the platform that I use, and which is available to anyone, is Wealthy Affiliate.  I have written a full Review for Beginners which is available to you to read study and understand. It is possible to navigate from this review to some options that will take you to a further level of information about this really very exciting very ethical opportunity.

Ready to Unlock Your Potential?

If you have enough information to go to the next stage and receive a fuller explanation of what is involved and how to go about it. You will find all the details that you are after at Wealthy Affiliate which I recommend highly to you as one of the premiere, and probably the absolute best business support model of this kind out there today.

Are you ready to try?


P.S. If this post has inspired you to become a Blogger yourself, and make money while you do it, you can find out how to do just that, by clicking here.

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8 thoughts on “Average Baby Boomer Retirement Savings”

  1. Hamish, good man.  What an excellent approach to the closing the retirement gap.  

    The subject is one of vital interest, and unfortunately few know how go about solving the problem.

    I appreciate the way you break down the amounts needed for various areas of our planet.  

    Wealthy Affiliate does hold one of the best answers I know of that can address the need.

    I am a member,  and can say Amen to everything you are recommending here.

    • Thanks for the endorsement Earl and of course I think that you are absolutely on the money (excuse the pun!).

      There are real possibilities here and with little or no overheads that do not already exist in most modern homes; a PC or laptop and regular internet access and you have the foundation of a potential earning business.

      Thanks for dropping by sir 🧐

  2. This gap in retirement years is very realistic. A subtle way of saying that many retirees do not have enough comfortable savings to get them through their waning years. This gap is really a challenge to fill. There is only a few options available out there and they are not even guaranteed; and they may not be easy.

    I agree that WealthyAffiliate is one way of filling that empty financial gap.

    I just hope those retirees should take this step. But this option is not only for retirees; it is also feasible to others who wanted to secure their retirement funds.

    • Correct and well said on both points my friend.  I wish I had known about this a decade ago!

      Thanks for coming by and come again soon 🧐

  3. A very great topic that a lot of us should give considerations to. In all honesty, I see this to be a great approach to enlightening us all concerning the baby boomers generation and the savings. Most retire without knowing how to balance their life’s because of improper attitude towards savings. Thankfully you have shared this here. Thank you so much for this

  4. I like your website and blogs for two reasons.  One – they hit all of my buttons because I too am a baby boomer (born in 1949) who is retired (twice) and living on a limited income.  The other reason is that you have done research on the topic of retirement income needed to live a modest to above average lifestyle.  It shows me,and many others to be sure, where we are lacking and need to build additional savings to enjoy a future structured on abundance rather than lack.  Thanks!


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