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About Hamish 1958

Yup I am a Baby Boomer born in 1958 in Airdrie Mansion House Hospital in Lanarkshire Scotland.  I spent my formative teenage years in Dunoon Argyll and the latter is where I consider myself to be from.

1958 is the 13th year of the Boomer 19 year window (1946-64).

I can honestly attest to the fact that it has been both lucky and unlucky for me, but on balance I remember the lucky times far more than the unlucky LoL!

Who Am I

I am a son, a brother, a father, an uncle a nephew, a cousin and a friend. I have 5 delightful children of whom I am very proud indeed. They are aged 28, 24. 21, 19 and 10, one boy, the oldest, and 4 girls.

I have a wonderful wife who is over 21 and she is what we call a West Coaster here in New Zealand born in Christchurch and brought up in Hokitika.

Hamish Scott

I have been in continuous employment since the day I left school, in May 1975 until now, with the exception of a 9 hour window, when I was technically unemployed!

I have been a professional soldier all my life, a specialist in communications and information systems.

I have been living in New Zealand for 15 years and before that I have lived in Scotland, England, West Germany and West Berlin, Belize, Cyprus, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Belgium and the Netherlands as well as travelling to many other countries all over the world

My life to date has been an amazing, sometimes unbelievable, adventure that could fill a book, and maybe one day it will!

What Am I about

I have been building a second career as a commercial Blogger. This is one of multiple sites where I ply this trade, and in doing so I hope to inform and help people, in various ways, through my research and writing, as well as through the discussion and comments that my sites attract from my regular, and not so regular readers

Boomer Generation Years

This particular site is all about information, education and discussion about anything and everything to do with the years 1946 to 1964.

I hope you enjoy what I have to offer and I hope that you interact frequently and let me know what you want to see on this site, because I am writing it for you and I want you to visit frequently and to bring your friends with you or at the very least, show them the way.

Please do ask questions and make suggestions; I will always endeavour to respond within one working day.

I am Hamish Scott
I am your host here at boomergenarationyears.com

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