Baby Boomers
A very warm welcome to The Boomer Generation Years, a place where I discuss things that specifically interest all of us, who have the good fortune to have been born in that magical period of the World’s  existence, between 1946 and 1964.

Our generation grew up in the immediate post war years and has seen some of the most significant cultural, political, technical, population and climactic changes of recorded history.

The 60s
Many of us are now in, or close to, retirement and we may be in a  good financial position to enjoy that retirement or we may be struggling to achieve a level of lifestyle that we would aspire to.

For the first grouping I can promise you some items of interest and maybe some reasons to challenge your creativity and as yet unrealised potential.

For the second group I can show you pathways to improving your situation, via no risk, easy to follow solutions, that can provide you both purpose, and peace of mind.

So Join me here on my Blog pages and let me know what you want to hear about. Enter into the conversations and tell us what you think.

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At the same time give yourselves the chance to stay engaged and creative, while simultaneously enhancing your lifestyle by matching whatever level of time you are prepared to invest in the opportunities that can be made available to you through these pages.

My Name is Hamish Scott and I am your host here at, The Boomer Generation Years and here is my Blog enjoy🧐